Can Mold Make You Sick?


Molds are fungi that are invisible to the naked eye. They can form colonies at various places in a building if they are in the presence of:

When they are present on small surfaces and are cleaned quickly, molds are generally not a particular problem. On the other hand, when they develop significantly, the molds disperse into the ambient air particles that can breathe and that can lead to health problems.


The symptoms that may be associated with mold exposure are variable. Everyone may react differently depending on their degree of exposure and their overall health. The main symptoms are:

It is important to note that the symptoms experienced may also be caused by other types of indoor air contaminants such as:

People at risk

Some people are more likely to develop health problems as a result of exposure to mold. Those are :

Protection and prevention

You can take certain precautions to avoid exposing yourself to mold and developing related health problems:

It is important to prevent the development of mold in the house and recognize them when they are present . To do this :

For more tips, see Finding and Removing Mold in Your Home.

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