How To Screenshot On Pc?

Taking a screenshot of your computer is an operation to know absolutely! This allows you to crystallize an event forever, or more easily get help on computer forums by allowing those who help you to properly identify your problem. You can also use it to capture an image on a website that refuses the image copy In short, you will understand: Today I will show you how to make a screenshot on Windows with four different methods!

For some of you it's an innocuous operation, but it's not for everyone! In addition, there are different ways to make a screenshot of your computer. I will offer you four methods , learn to use all four and choose the one you prefer!

With the screenshot tool of Windows

If you are looking for the easiest way to take a screenshot of your PC , the Windows screenshot tool is perfect for you! It does not have many options but it has the merit of being integrated into Windows (since Vista), so you do not need to download and install software.

  1. Run the Windows Screenshot tool by entering the term "capture" in the Start menu and then select Screen Capture Tool .
  2. Select the capture mode by clicking the Mode button. Several modes of capture are proposed to you:
    • Free Form Capture : allows you to select the area to be captured "on the fly" with the mouse.
    • Rectangular Capture : allows you to precisely select an area of the screen.
    • Window Capture : Capture the window of software displayed on the screen.
    • Full screen capture : captures the entire screen.
  3. Then, nothing more simple: click New and then select the area of the screen that you want to capture.
  4. Once the area is captured, you can either save the capture to your computer or e-mail it. You can also write or draw on them by selecting the Pen and Highlighter buttons. An eraser button is there to delete the lines you have drawn.

That's it, you know now how to take a screenshot !

Keyboard shortcuts of the screenshot tool

Action Keys Alt + M Choose a screen capture mode Alt + N Create a new capture in the same mode as the previous capture Shift + Arrow key Move the cursor precisely (in rectangular capture mode) Alt + D Delay capture from 1 to 5 seconds Alt + M Copy the capture to the clipboard Ctrl + S Save the capture

With the Impr key. screen

This method is for those who have a version of Windows that does not have the screenshot tool that appeared on Windows Vista. This is the most rudimentary solution because it only allows to take a capture and place it in the clipboard. Afterwards, you will need to use Paint or your photo editing software to paste the captured area and edit it to keep only what interests you.

Then open Paint or your photo editing software (such as GIMP or Paint.NET) and make Edit > Paste .

Your capture will be displayed in the software. You can resize, crop or select only part of the image. After that, all you have to do is save your screenshot and you're done!

The GreenShot screenshot software is probably the most complete software for making a screenshot . In addition to being very easy to use, GreenShot offers some useful functions such as capturing the mouse pointer , sending the capture to a printer or software …

Install GreenShot as you would with any software. Do not forget to select the French language in the Additional Languages area to have GreenShot in French.

Start GreenShot . Unlike the Windows capture tool , the software takes place in the notification area.

Before using GreenShot , I recommend that you go to the software options by left or right clicking on the GreenShot> Preferences icon.

Here are the options you need to configure first:

  1. General Tab: You can choose to launch GreenShot when Windows starts and set keyboard shortcuts to capture a specific area of the screen.
  2. Capture tab: you can, among other things, choose to capture or not the mouse pointer .
  3. Output tab: Choose the default folder in which GreenShot will save your screen captures, the file name template (click the question mark for details) and the image format.
  4. Destination tab of the screenshot : leave check Select dynamic destination otherwise select the operations that GreenShot must perform when you make a screenshot by checking the desired operations.

You are free to configure other options, of course, the software offers a lot of things

Here are the keyboard shortcuts you need to remember to take a screenshot with GreenShot :

When you take a screen shot with one of the above key combinations, a list of options is available to you:

Saving directly saves the screenshot right away, taking into account the parameters you have defined in the GreenShot options (especially in the Capture and Output tabs). The other options speak for themselves I think

If you want to avoid systematically going through the software settings to configure some commonly used options, click the GreenShot> Quick Settings icon. You can more quickly choose to capture or not the mouse cursor, the default action to perform during the screenshot …

In general, and if you have forgotten the shortcut to capture a specific area of the screen , clicking on the GreenShot icon in the notification area gives access to all the screen capture features of the software.

With puush software

Important: puush listings are currently closed . It is therefore no longer possible for new users to use the software.

Before talking to you about puush , I want to thank @ohundniquitweet for making me discover this screenshot software that I did not know!

puush is a program that is mainly aimed at those who want to instantly share a screenshot with other users, for example on help forums. The principle of puush is simple: you make a screenshot and the software is responsible for putting it automatically online and provides you with the link for quick access!

An internet connection is required to use this software. Indeed, all screenshots you take automatically sync with an account you need to create on This account gives you access to an interface where you can manage all the screenshots you have taken. Note that you can drop any type of files into your account, not just screenshots. Without further ado, here is how to install and use this great screen capture software !

Start by downloading and installing the software from the link below.

Launch puush , a window pops up and prompts you to create your account which gives you access to a 200 MB disk space.

Click on the Take me to the account create page button ! under Create an account . A registration page on your internet browser opens. Fill in the necessary fields and click Continue to validate for account.

Once your account is created, click on manage and log in to access your space and choose a username.

Go back to the puush software you installed earlier, sign in again and click the Okay button , I've got it! .

As always before using a software, a little tour in the settings Right click on the puush icon in the notification bar> Settings . The most interesting options are on the General tab.

You can also check for puush updates in the Updates tab or set your own keyboard shortcuts in Key Bindings .

Here are the default shortcuts you need to remember to quickly capture an area of your screen:

Feel free to right click on the puush icon in the notification area to access recent uploads and main features of the software.

Click My Account to access your account. To manage your screenshots more easily, I advise you to put the list view by clicking List at the top of the page. You have three folders:

You can edit, move or delete all your files really easily!

The final word

No less than 4 methods to take a screenshot , you have the choice

To summarize, to make a screenshot with ease, use the integrated screen capture tool if you are running Windows Vista, 7 or 8. If you are on Windows XP, you must use the method with the key Print. screen or use the GreenShot software. The GreenShot screenshot software is really a complete tool for all those who make a lot of screenshots . This is also the software that I use to make the screenshots you see on The Crab Info

Finally, a last word on puush that I knew thanks to a reader of Crab Info on Twitter. This screen capture software really seduced me. In a touch, you take a screenshot , you send it on the internet and you have the link address leading to this capture directly in the clipboard of Windows! What more can I ask for a nice surprise that this puush , I strongly advise you to install it if you often share screenshots on the internet