Why Do People Hate?

François Joly - 37th AVENUE

You are not paid enough? Does your boss denigrate you? You have no prospect of advancement or have you left behind youthful dreams? Here is a list of reasons why one can hate one's job.

You have opted for the safe choice

Many people hate their jobs simply because they are not in the right field. The end of studies is often a time of great change. You find yourself independent of your parents for the first time, and the desire to be independent and to make money can be strong. In addition, we often have a rather thin vision of the career choices available to us and we choose the safe choice, whether it is a well-paid manual work or a seemingly prestigious liberal profession. .

You do not like your boss

It seems obvious, but a good boss can make all the difference in the office. He can motivate his employees to surpass themselves or perform the least pleasant tasks. Conversely, an authoritarian or condescending team leader can turn the best job into hell.

You work too much

You spend your evenings at the office and are back early the next morning? This is a potential cause of discontent. Long hours are not the only thing to consider. Telecommuting and flexible working hours are becoming increasingly popular. However, this ability to be able to adjust one's schedule makes work catch up with us when we come home. It is a source of stress that discourages many.

You live too far

According to a study by researchers at the School of Management Sciences, spending more than 20 minutes traveling to work leads to stress and discontent with his employer. However, not all modes of transport would have the same effect. Thus, getting stuck 20 minutes in the traffic would be much more stressful than 20 minutes spent on a train.

Your job is not important

The need for accomplishment is a major motivation for most people, especially young Gen Yers. Knowing that one's work is useful is a powerful driver of productivity. The absence of meaning in the work will have the opposite effect.

You do not have control

Autonomy and freedom are fashionable values in workplaces. Many employees will suffer from not being able to express their independence and creativity, even if they are educated and in well-paid positions.

You have no opportunity for advancement

Have you been in the same organization for a long time? Your bosses are always the same? Did you receive training hours to master new skills without significant promotion? You are not alone. Many people choose to leave when the horizons seem clogged in front of them.